We are Reshaping a $300 Billion Industry

At My Luxury Bargain, we curate authentic pre-owned luxury handbags, accessories, and art from fashion connoisseurs, art collectors and consignment boutiques in Europe and bring it within reach of sophisticated, stylish and suave shoppers – Like You

From French sophistication, Louis Vuitton to Italian glamor, Prada; our repository is unique and filled with trophy pieces of luxury fashion, collectible luxury art, and coveted luxury designer accessories. Whether it’s Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Goyard, Hermes or vintage Chanel jewelry; shop luxurious pieces of fashion that never go out of style at up to 80% below retail and all available on easy EMI’s.


Welcome to the Era of Smart Fashion

The vogue of London – Paris – Milan – New York fashion weeks, unveil the trends of the season and we spurge on coveted luxury designer fashion. As the season ends we empty out our wallets on the trends of the next season. At My Luxury Bargain you can consign your items. Our goal is to list your item at the highest possible price. We use a pricing algorithm that uses information like designer, item type, age and condition to arrive at a price.

My Luxury bargain lets you trade luxury you own so that you can keep up with the good life.



Authentic Luxury items are crafted from high quality materials that are made to last. Unlike the liner economy of use and dispose, at My Luxury Bargain we follow and encourage the ‘Circular Economy’ wherein items are utilized for as long as possible and individuals get the maximum value out of high quality items.

We can see sustainable companies launch in every sector. My Luxury Bargain believes in the philosophy of sustainability, a world with less waste and support business and initiatives that are sustainable by nature.

The emerging model of the “Sharing Economy” is now big & disruptive, and “Collaborative Consumption” gives people the benefit of ownership with reduced personal and environmental burden….


Whether it’s a handbag or an accessory, verifying the authenticity of an item is pure science. Its like matching a complex algorithm of material, hardware, stitching, the size and the font of the brand’s logo, consistency of the nuts and bolts used in a handbag, the weight of the zipper tab, verifying the item’s date code or serial number, and much more. All items listed on the portal go through deep scrutiny by our in house team and then by an independent professional authenticator

The best part? All items sold come with a Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee